Friday 23 June 2017

Daily Kawish 23 Jun 2017 Newspaper Online

The world has become global village due to swift flow of information through media and technology. Newspaper is an important press media mostly people like to enjoy it with a cup of tea in morning. Same like Daily Kawish newspaper is daily greeted by Hyderabad and Sindhi public. Readers enjoy the news of their interest and double the taste of their morning. They start a fresh morning with a fresh Sindhi newspaper. Daily Kawish is the leading sindhi language Pakistani newspaper. It is published and circulated from the city Hyderabad, Pakistan. ABC (audit bureau of circulations) certified Kawish newspaper started its journey from August3, 1991. It is the flagship publication of Kawish Group of Publications. Roznama Kawish is under the ownership of Kazi Brothers. Ali Kazi, the renowned journalist of Pakistan is its current editor. Headquarter of daily kawish is stationed in Hyderabad Sindh. It is the largest circulated sindhi dailyof Pakistan and the most popular one among people of Hyderabad. Kawish Group also own three TV channels KTN News, Kashish (music channel) and KTN. These Sindhi channels introduced the Sindhi language and Sindhi culture all over the country.

Sindhi people love to read Sindhi newspaper the Kawish for being aware from current affairs related to politics, entertainment, business markets, weather and sports all in Sindhi language. This is also the sign of their love for Sindhi language. Daily Kawish includes latest news from all over the Pakistan, columns and articles on different topics for readers and latest Job Advertisements for interested candidates. Kawish newspaper is available for rupees 15 in Pakistan.

The readers who don’t want to spend money for purchasing the newspaper can also visit the online Kawish Epaper. The epaper of Daily Kawish contains 14 pages covered with current information and all the stuff according to the taste of readers. Columns of Nawas Kumbhar and Sohail Sangi are also available for readers.

Click on Daily Kawish to view online Kawish Epaper of 23-06-2017. While Click Daily K2 to Read Daily K2 Newspaper Online Edition.

The official website of the newspaper is Sindhi readers can enjoy online Kawish newspaper from all over the world and also can watch live KTN news through this official website. The readers can also visit the website for reading daily kawish and all other leading newspapers of Pakistan.

Social media has become a rapidly growing platform where people can create and share information. Now a day the internet users spend most of their time with social media as compare to any other sites. Facebook is one of the online social networking services where users from all over the world create and share information. The Kawish also have social media page. Number of users like the posts of this daily, and give comments on daily biases.  You can visit the Facebook (fb) page using this link:
Daily Kawish Newspaper Address: 
Daily Kawish, B-2, Civil lines, Hyderabad, Pakistan
Phone Number: +92 (0)222 108135
Phone Number: +92 (0)326 33492-3
Fax Number: +92 (0)222 108173
Email Address:

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